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Leadership Profile Analysis Essay

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In taking the leadership style inventories, it was not surprising to see the results. After completing almost thirty years in education, the results revealed the use of several styles in my leadership role. The Leadership Legacy results indicated that I was tied on two types of styles. They were Truth-Seeker and Experienced Guide. Tied again for one point less were Ambassador and People Mover. One less point again revealed Creative Builder. My lowest area was Advocate. I thought this assessment was close to my own perceptions. As a Truth-Seeker, I value fairness and I try to use best judgment in handling challenges. I am process oriented, and I try to remain neutral and objective in dealing with issues. In the Experienced Guide leadership style, I have helped numerous colleagues problem-solve situations. I listen and provide several options in dealing with a situation. I keep a confidence. The next areas, Ambassador and People Mover are another part of my personality in the workplace. In the library environment, I have to work with everyone in a variety of situations and make it a win-win whenever possible. As a People Mover, I have had several opportunities to mentor new teachers and new librarians. Another style that I had strength in is the Creative Builder. I am someone who needs to change. I had the opportunity to help restructure the upper grades in a school to include a 3-4-5 multi-age grade level. Researching, developing and selling this concept took a lot of work. My weakest area in this leadership assessment was the Advocate. As the librarian, I tend to stay behind the scenes in a more service-oriented role. This year, I am a district library leadership team member and this has given me an opportunity to work on my advo...

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...fidence. Engaging in serious discussion can provide teaching opportunities. Encourage others to study important topics and share information. I will need to help others to organize their new knowledge.

I think these assessments have been helpful in clarifying my leadership style. I am confident in how I look at challenges and researching solutions. I seek several solutions and points of view. I look for a win-win outcome whenever possible. I can hard line something when I have to, but I prefer to create the most positive outcome.

I see leadership as a daunting challenge in a school. There are so many factors to consider and how each decision affects so many different aspects of the school environment. I know I need practice in presenting my vision and mission to a staff and being an effective leader to get a community to follow my lead.

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