Leadership Philosophy Paper: Values and Attributes

Leadership Philosophy Paper: Values and Attributes

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Leadership is guiding someone or a group of people in the right direction, leading them to excellence. Leaders are like the giants on earth because everyone looks up to them. I have looked up to my fellow cheerleading coach because of his characteristics and qualities; he inspired to become a leader. He is the reason that I now have significant qualities such as originality, responsibility, creativity, motivation, and endurance. When things get hard and I’m on the verge of quitting, I remember to remain dedicated because he taught me perseverance. I continue to put forth and effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties or failures. I am now determined to achieve all of my goals because dedication is the key. It takes someone loving and kind like him to encourage me to strive for more even when I’m doing well. Over the years I’ve broken out of my shell and became a more effective leader. I have also continued to perform well in my academics because of his support and high expectations. His inspiration is what helped me succeed and want to do better for myself.
When I have a frown, I know exactly where to go to turn it upside down. I am comfortable sharing problems with him because of his advice and ability to relate to my situations. There are not many teachers who will motivate, love, and care for students like he does. He has really helped my journey through high school easier because of his motivational skills and talks. I believe that leadership can take you a long way and allow you to become a role model like never before. In this paper, I will discuss the leadership qualities I want to possess, necessary for my career, and how they will benefit my future. Along with my leadership qualities, I will reveal my mission...

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