Leadership, Passion, And Sage Essay

Leadership, Passion, And Sage Essay

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Do you have a hero that you look up to? The way dictionary.com defines a hero as “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding behavior, and noble qualities”. A hero is not a person that is a menace to the people or person he or she is a hero to, and does not sit around being lazy, doing nothing with his or her life. There are three characteristics that I would use to analyze and define a hero; leadership, passion, and sage.
First off, a hero will have good leadership. Leadership is defined by, “leading a person or a group of persons to do something”, according to Dictionary.com. Firstly, an example of a good leader would be Tom Burroughs. He is a Democrat in the Kansas State Legislature and he is the minority leader. A minority leader in the legislature is someone who is the leader of the political party which is smaller than the other party. In Kansas the Democrats are the minority and the Republicans hold the majority. For example, Tom Burroughs is a good leader in the interest that he knows he does not completely fall on party lines and he does not try to hide it. Therefore, he has integrity, which makes a leader more effective and trustworthy, which in turn can get more accomplished. Secondly, another good example of a leader is Tim Cook. He is the C.E.O. at Apple, and he induces many people to buy Apple products. This kind of leader can be a good thing or a bad thing, but either way he is a leader by causing people to do something and he is a hero to Apple by making them lots of money. Therefore, while he might cause many people to buy something they do not need he is still a hero for Apple. Thirdly, Taylor Swift is a leader, and she is a good example of a leader because she pretty much influences a major...

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...lly with politics, I just went with what I was taught, but eventually I read the whole New Testament from the Bible, and I quickly started being more liberal than conservative in a lot of ways but conservative in ways I was not. In other words, after going with what others said, I eventually learned on my own what I truly believe and I had to use a lot of sage, and logical thinking to decided what I believe is right and what is wrong.
In conclusion, it takes leadership, passion, and sage, in order to be a good hero especially to multiple people. Leadership is important because how many people it affects, and passion is important for driving us to fight for what we believe and for causing us to e heroes to someone, and then lastly sage is important so heroes know how to handle certain situations. Would you not want someone as a hero that had all of these qualities?

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