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The Leadership Of Public Administration Essay

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Public Administration- Leading Employees to Action
Leadership in public administration is the art of inspiring others to do the right thing, at the right time, for the benefit of the whole. The very word “leader” implies there is someone present with potential to follow and a direction to move. In this journal review we will analyze four articles which tie closely to our course text. This paper will focus on transformational leadership theory, and then turn the primary focus to qualities inherent to successful leadership. We will highlight the elements necessary for public agency leaders to move their organization forward on its mission toward excellent service while maximizing positive motivation for their employees. Our end goal is a detailed understanding of this form of leadership so that we may employ its strategies to the greatest advantage in public administration.
To begin from the same point of reference, we’ll define the essential theory of transformational leadership in public organizations as, “the art of engaging and motivating subordinates, to change the internal culture of a workplace from a self-interested individual goals approach to a framework of public service oriented values” (Paarlberg & Lavigna, 2010, p. 711). Although often used interchangeably, it is imperative to note leadership and management are not true similes. Management universally includes delegated, formal power by position- thus requiring submission of someone lower in the organizational hierarchy. Whereas leadership can incorporate formal aspects or power; its success remains far more dependent upon the informal willingness of others to follow. Accomplishment of the mission requires cooperative relationships throughout the entire unit b...

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... arena when transformational leadership attributes are employed. Collectively, they expound upon critical elements that trigger employee agreement with organizational goals and stimulate motivation.
Last Thoughts…
In the final review, transformational leadership that activates the principles of employee engagement will not be susceptible to “paralysis of analysis”. Leadership and employees will be so engaged to move the organization over its goal line that large problems will seem small. Stakeholders who follow a leader utilizing transformational style find it easy to connect with the vision of the organization and make adjustments beneficial to team the goals Along the way, we have found significant elements for public administration leadership are already in our wheelhouse; we just may need to employ them in a different context to ensure successful followership.

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