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In the eighteenth centuries many things were going on including voices being raised on topics of slavery and woman rights. Many of these abolitionists raised their voices in the debate halls and platforms that were home to many orators. One such voice was that of Anna Elizabeth Dickinson whose voice was raised at the early age of thirteen and again at seventeen which then set her on her way on the path of an influential speaker. In her all she was, being both a young and a woman, the impact she had in making things happen gives testimony to the effectiveness she had in her leadership qualities.
When Dickinson was two she lost her father. Afterward, her mother had to take care of her and her four siblings alone. Within her parlor she listened to the talk of politics and joined in the talks and debates. Though ending her formal education at fifteen, Anna Dickinson was informally taught by her mother and, because she was the youngest, she was able to pursue a career that didn’t really pay in the beginning. All of this helped form and shape the woman that later described and laid down the beliefs in which she would speak against.
At age thirteen she read about a Kentucky school teacher whom published an antislavery letter and, in return, got tarred and feathered. Outraged, she wrote a letter to the Liberator concerning this matter and signed it Anna E.D. to show it was by a woman. In this one letter it shows many things about Dickinson, many of which will carry with her throughout her life beginning with how talented she was, spirited, and how working her mind was at such an age. (Gallman p. 10-11)
One such thing it proves is in according to Thomas Cronin in “Thinking about Leadership,” leaders are “people who know who the...

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...to make a lot of the accomplishments but it does not show if she truly is a strong leader, just a good leader.

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