Leadership, Negotiation, and Decision Making of Malaysis and Saudia Arabia

Leadership, Negotiation, and Decision Making of Malaysis and Saudia Arabia

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This chapter is divided into four parts: conclusion, theoretical implications, managerial implications, and possible future research. The first part is a conclusion which discusses the findings that can be learned from the research study. The second part discusses the implications of the theoretical framework. The third part discusses the managerial implications, and finally future possible research.
During the process of this research I set out to see what is the leadership, negotiation, and decision making of leaders from Malaysia and Saudi Arabia? I was curious to know how do Saudi Arabian and Malaysian leadership, decision making, and negotiation differs? And How the attributes of good leaders from Malaysian and Saudi Arabian perspective differ? I found that leadership is not necessary to be one style. Leaders can practice a mix of leadership styles, it depends on the situation and the context they are in. And this is one of the reasons the leadership in the two countries had been successful in bringing development and prosperity to their nations.
For example, King Abdullah had shown authoritarian leadership style in facing the internal terrorist attacks , which is an effective leadership style in emergencies and when quick and assertive decisions need to be taken. However, he has shown a transformative leadership style in the areas of economy and education. His vision for his country was described as the most constructive engagement so far. Now in Saudi Arabia there are many hospitals, schools, universities, and economic cities, that have appeared under his wise leadership within a short period of time. As a consequence of his visionary reformations Saudis are enjoying a culture of publi...

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...f countries neighboring Malaysias and Saudi Arabia, from the perspective of the six windows of leadership? What kind of leader, transformational, authentic, transactional, authentic, or servent to face the challenges of the next 30 years?
Another approach for new research is to look at the same kind of questions but address leaders worldwide or in a different context , to investigate the possibility of the application of the emerging theoretical framework. Lastly, it might be valuable to explore the attributes that may result in poor leadership in the context of Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Given the traditional, cultural, and socioeconomic situations of the two countries, how would poor leadership be defined? And what are the variables that must be minimized to prevent leaders from falling into poor leadership and remain on the path of effective leadership?

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