Leadership Models : The Vroom And Jago Model Essay

Leadership Models : The Vroom And Jago Model Essay

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A6 – Leadership Models
The Vroom and Jago Model consists of seven questions leaders must ask themselves to determine the most effective method for making a decision or leading a group. The answers provided create a decision tree that links one question to another until a conclusion is reached. At the end of this process, the leader will know whether the present situation should be decided upon autocratically, consultatively, or collaboratively.
Autocratic decisions are made by the leader, who then informs the group of his or her decision (WK 6, L2). However, the outcome of the decision tree will specify the type of autocratic method the leader should use, Autocratic 1 (AI) or Autocratic 2 (AII). (WK 6, L2) A decision made using the AI method is based solely on information the leader currently possesses; while a decision made using the AII method is based on specific information that the leader gathers from individual team members (WK 6, L2).
Like the autocratic method, consultative decisions are made by the leader (WK 6, L2). However, this particular decision method also requires that the leader gather the opinions, perspectives, and suggestions of the individual team members, or the group as a whole, prior to making his or her decision (WK 6, L2). Additionally, and again similar to the autocratic approach, the outcome of the decision tree will specify the type of consultative method the leader should use, Consultative 1 (CI) or Consultative 2 (CII). (WK 6, L2) While the final decision is still at the discretion of the leader, a decision made using the CI method takes into account the opinions of individual team members; while a decision made using the CII method takes into account the perspectives and suggestions of the g...

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...ures, and assign rewards and penalties that will help each group in reaching their collective goals. Lastly, in assessing the people of each group, Abruzzo will become familiar with groups’ organizational cultures, and will be able to develop influence structures, and training and socialization methods that will, again, help each group achieve its organizational goals.
One of the most fundamental strengths of this model is that it helps leaders create strong organizations, one element at a time. Moreover, a leader like David Abruzzo could potentially achieve organizational congruence for each group of marathon runners through the use of the S-S-P Triad. However, a notable weakness of this model is that it requires a great amount of time and effort in order to align each element and achieve organizational congruence; time which leaders, like Abruzzo, may not have.

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