Essay about The Leadership Model Of John Adair

Essay about The Leadership Model Of John Adair

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Every organization usually contains a diverse environment such as culture, stereotype, background knowledge as well as performance of each employee. Therefore, leaders and managers are required to apply appropriate leadership model to utilize maximum potential of their employees. Action-Centred Leadership model of John Adair is one of the best leadership models and tends to work well in the high-diversified team environment. The model consists of three areas: completing task, maintaining team and meeting needs of individual. Each element is overlapping and managers should balance all core areas in order to generate the highest satisfaction level for all (Adair, 1973). This essay will visualize the theory through real practices over two weekend activities in Fairthrone Manor and analyse the positive and negative of team performances in each activity. Finally, the development of team performance throughout the camp will be discussed.
On Saturday evening, team was assigned to complete each activity within a limited of time. Hence, time management was the key challenge for all activities in that day. In order to achieve this key objective, team had to have a clear plan as it could help team to complete the tasks quicker. Team, firstly, chose to do ‘Location Location Location’ activity. Following by the Action-Centred Leadership model, team performed in both positive and negative ways in each category. In individual category, it is important to respect people’s differences within a team because it could help team to gain highly team effectiveness (Cartwright, 2002). Each member was likely to appreciate those differences by considering the other’s performances before starting the events. Hence, team decided to hold to physical and meta...

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...zed. That is, the diversity in a workplace tends to be the challenge factors for everyone in every organizational level. Hence, it is necessary for both managers and leaders to appreciate the diversities among co-workers, and exercise leadership and management practices in order to gain the highest efficiency on team performance. Referring to the Action-centred Leadership Model, it could be a helpful model because it provides an easy concept to follow and allows every people to use. The model provides 3 areas to concern, which are task, team and individual, and managers and leaders will gain the highest outcome when all areas are well balancing. Learning by doing can also benefit all students to learn from real experiences such as comprehending and applying theories into practices, learning to work in diverse team and exercising both leadership and management skills.

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