Leadership, Leadership And Leadership Essay

Leadership, Leadership And Leadership Essay

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Officer in Charge
United States Coast Guard
Station Marquette
294 N. Lakeshore BLVD.
Marquette, MI. 49855
Phone: (906) 226-3322
Fax: (906) 226-6091


P. R. Brown, BMC
CG STA Marquette

J. Periera, AETCM


1. There are numerous methods, characteristics, and motives for proper leadership. In my opinion, leadership is the overall process of unifying a team toward completing a common goal. Several key people in my life influenced this definition and how I lead.
2. CWO Patrick Higgins was the first significant leader to demonstrate what an excellent leader should be. Since learning the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership (Kouzes and Posner, Leadership Challenge), I can now see how he followed their model, whether he knew it or not. First, he modeled the way by setting clear expectations and following through with them himself. Next, he inspired a shared vision of excellence in everything while creating buy in from the entire crew. Third, he was constantly challenging the process. His mantra was “why”. One example was when the entire crew of 45 was waiting for a trainer to arrive. We sat around for 15 minutes and he came in and challenged us all by asking, “ There are 45 people in here and half of you are on duty. We have sat around for 15 minutes, 15 minutes times 23 people equals how many man hours? Ok, let’s grant liberty and the rest can turn to.” He challenged the norm and that was impactful to the entire crew. Next, he always searched for ways to enable others to act by allowing the OODs to run the show with minimal oversight. He challenged the old way and let the mid level managers have the reigns. Lastly, he encouraged the heart of each member th...

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... by purposing to work with those around me on developmental issues. If I do this, I think the improvements and experimenting will naturally take place through others comfort in making suggestions through the chain.

7. As a leader I plan on leading from the front in three key ways. First, I am going to remain dedicated to the success and welfare of my shipmates. There is nothing more important than the people you work with, for without them there can be no success. Next, I will be diligent in training for the mission at hand. We always have a mission whether it is cleaning the toilet, rebuilding an engine, completing data entry, or saving a life and we must be trained and prepared to be successful. Lastly, I will be devoted to success. Success is not some unattainable metric; it is simply measured by doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time.



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