Leadership Is The Best Basketball Player Of All Time Essay

Leadership Is The Best Basketball Player Of All Time Essay

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In my opinion, the trait approach is the defining leadership from the objective perspective rather than a physical or technical glance. It is the study of consistent patterns in thought, emotion, and behavior of an individual that are linked to effective leadership across various situations. Northouse’s five leadership traits are intelligence, integrity, sociability, determination and self-confidence. The trait approach provides a foundation to what a leader should look like due to it being backed back a century of research; however, there is no definite list of traits or take into account situational traits.

The clip titled, Leaders are born, reference many situations where leaders emerged. Specifically, determination was portrayed by Michael Jordan. Jordan was cut from his school’s basketball team because they believe he wasn 't good enough. That did not discourage him and at the end of his career, he is still the reigning best basketball player of all time. Based off Northouse’s definition of determination which is not to give up, Michael Jordan is an ideal example. Also, Rosa Parks and Gandhi are both models for the all of the traits according to Northouse’s definition. Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat to a white man and fought for civil rights while Gandhi fought for independence in India. Sociability was needed to communicate to their followers, intelligence was required in order to win their goals, and self-confidence remained to motivate them to continue their cause.

Of course Katz three basic skills model was seen in the Leaders are born clip. Human skills were required by people like Rosa Parks to interact with their followers, conceptual skills to formulate ideas on how to fight their cause and win...

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Of course in college, I faced a group project where all my team members were not honest, on task as far as deadline, etc. It was in a Communication course I took. We had a debate to present to the class as an exam grade, so the importance of this debate was at an all-time high for me. Yet, for my partner, pledging was more important. Using the leadership behavior theory, I had no issue attempting to be the leader, communicate goals and deadlines and attempt to ensure everyone’s comfortability. I communicated with the professor regarding my issues, but he stated we will be graded individually and the debate still had to be done. This is where Katz model kicked in, I was at the middle management level with high skills at human, technical and conceptual levels. In the end, I got an A. As for my partner, let’s just say they dropped the course after that debate.

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