Leadership Is Not Defined By Titles Or Salary Essay

Leadership Is Not Defined By Titles Or Salary Essay

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Many definitions exist on what leadership is. Despite the many differences in definitions, they all describe the leader as someone who influences others. Leaders transform individuals around them allowing them to work to their full potential. In order for a leader to be successful they must be knowledgeable, self- confident, and effective communicators. These characteristics will create a positive workplace environment that results in an increase in productivity. Leadership is not defined by titles or salary. Leaders must acquire their skills and continue to improve on them through learning. Good leaders provide a vision and help motivate others to make that vision happen. The leader must be effective and successful in creating a strong institution.
Social workers have play an important role in the community. They work hard in order to assist those in need. Social Work defines leadership as “the capacity to work creatively, constructively, and effectively with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities to promote social justice, catalyze social change, and address individual and social problems. Leaders accomplish this by inspiring vision, offering direction, and supporting individual and collective action in order to obtain mutually valued results.” ("Social Work Leadership Definition and Elements", 2016) This definition describes the leader as someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty. It is an opportunity for the Social Worker to use their inner talents to assist the community during times of need. They do this by overcoming any challenges in order to reach a goal and get the job done. Social workers are responsible for bettering the lives of their clients and their family. They accomplish this thro...

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...o constantly learn from others so I can become a better leader. I also see myself as being a transformational leader. I have held many management positions and I have always found creative ways to get individuals to accomplish tasks. I did this by working hard and helping others and always being optimistic about the work day. Letting people know what is required of them and making yourself available is a great way to motivate. It lets individuals know that you are approachable and here to help while setting boundaries. I am aware that emotional intelligence is an area I must work on. This skill is important since it can help with conflict resolution in the workplace. Overall, I think a healthy balance of many leadership styles makes for a good leader. It is important to be aware of your weakness and create a goal on how to strengthen them so you can influence others.

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