Leadership Is Not About Being The Boss Essay

Leadership Is Not About Being The Boss Essay

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The healthcare industry is constantly changing and challenges emerge daily as a result of these changes. Leaders in the healthcare industry need to adapt and become more involve since they are the ones who are responsible to guide and influence workers tasking them towards a common goal of an organization. Strong leadership skills are the key of the success of an organization, where leaders inspire others to perform at higher level to achieve the organization’s goals. In is my perspective on this theme, that a leader needs to have the drive and able to really make the staff aware of how valuable they are to the organization and let them know that because they are the ones who are at the frontlines dealing with patients or customers, makes them the most important people in the organization. Based on James Hunter’s book (2004), effective leaders care about people and develop influence-based authority because of their service to others.
One of the influencing point that James Hunter drives throughout his book, states that “leadership is not about being the boss” (p14) only, he emphasizes that leadership consist of having a strong character and how you approach each challenge as a person could make the difference of being an ok leaders instead of an a great leader. A leader that takes proud of his workers, the organization that he or she represents, and ultimately a sense of fulfillment as a person of servicing those with great character and principles and not just as the boss. It is the principle that creates a sense of trust between the employee and employer. Anyone has the ability to become a leader, but ownership and responsibility are also factors that would determine what type of leaders he or she would represe...

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I really enjoyed reading James Hunter’s book and learned a lot from it. I would definitely apply what I have learn and will continue to improve my skills as a leader to others especially in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is very complex and changing constantly, as leaders in this industry we need to embrace it. Having read this book has changed the way I look at leadership and how the concept of becoming a good leader can affect several people. In health care, love changes people and leading people to love their jobs, each other and those they serve can be a satisfying experience and fulfillment on my life. This is a powerful, life-changing book which I encourage new and existing managers or leaders to read and learn from it for the benefit of the employees, employers and everyone in any industry where leadership is the way of life.

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