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My definition of leadership is leading by example, that statement is very wide-ranging and to narrow that down a bit. I would add work hours, technical knowledge, treating of your subordinates and communication skills. I feel like you can’t lead if you don’t set a good example, but to be followed completely requires you have a vision and a goal. I have only had a few positive leadership influences in my Coast Guard career. I honestly have learning more from the negative leaders, which motivated me to learn another way and to continue my advancement up the ladder. My father is still my number one inspiration on leadership and a way forward. Our relationship has changed and adjusted throughout the years but his foresight was able to move from father, mentor, and friend and now peer. For me the stability and his proof are in the body of work. Great leader are also sounding boards for frustration and forward thinking. Another leader was a fellow chief, he was passionate about the Coast Guard and lick minded so in that time when I felt like I was on an island, he gave support we were fighting the good fight and that we would prevail. Finally later in my career I had the pleasure of working for a Captain with a true vision that could express and paint that picture for all. He set mile stones, long and short term goals which were completely foreign to me. Because of this I looked internally and established better leadership qualities for myself and others.

A leadership behavior I need to work on is; challenge people to try out new and innovative ways to do their work. I thought I was doing a decent job at this but the leadership practices inventory provided feedback and some self reflection proved I could improve. Thinking outside the b...

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...he Coast Guard has morals and leadership competencies but everyday life and your own personnel belief’s give you courage and a path. Trust your gut and have your own compass, don’t follow blindly. I need flexibility in my judgment and approach. When you can observe from the outside and let the course of actions take place the mission can be meet. I don’t like micro-managers, and desire the elasticity of trust. I firmly believe in trust but verify. But once trust is established and a standard is in place, I can breathe easier knowing I layer the ground work of quality work. To conclude, I think I have a better understanding of where I stand on leadership but the struggle will continue to improve and grow as a leader. I am accepting of my flaws and weakness being married will remind you of that but the trust and work ahead for a brighter day is always on the horizon.

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