Leadership Is Assisting And Motivating Individuals For Work Towards A Common Goal

Leadership Is Assisting And Motivating Individuals For Work Towards A Common Goal

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Leadership is assisting and motivating individuals to work on a common task or work toward a common goal. Educational leaders are working with the staff towards educating students as best as they can.
I think ESTJ fits me very well. The first three words in the MBTI grid are; practical, traditional, and organized. Being a math teacher, I am very practical and I like things to be concrete. I like facts and not theories. Math is a very concrete subject and I was not as good in some math concepts because it was more abstract thinking. I think my math background has made me very organized as well. I am a little OCD about my desk at school and everything has a place. It may look a little unorganized, but I know exactly where everything is.
Another sentence in the description says, “Like to be in charge.” I am a coach in two sports each school year. I like to be the head coach more than answering to someone else, but I am also very loyal to the head coach and I will do whatever is asked of me. I am the type of person that will take charge in any situation.
Another word that describes ESTJ people is dependable. I am very dependable and if asked to do something, I will make sure it gets done and done the correct way. I try my hardest to be at school every day and I hate missing. I love my job and wouldn’t trade being in education for anything. Every day is something different and it keeps me on my toes.
I believe that I will be a transformational leader. In order to make schools better I believe it has to be a school wide process. I think that process starts with the administration, but it should include a team of staff members as well. Distributing the leadership to the team of staff members would give the teachers...

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...eaders must know how to speak to the individuals who work for them; they must be respectful and honest. As an administrator I will have to keep all of these in mind to become an effective leader.
My career goals are to become an administrator in a school district and to make a positive impact on the district, the staff, and the students. I am thinking I would like to become an activities director or principal. I believe either position would let me be a positive impact on everyone I meet and either role would be a very rewarding career. I know that I will have to continue to take classes and make myself a better leader because there is always something to learn and improve on. My most recent principal passed away this year; he was a remarkable man and someone I looked up to as a role model. I can only hope to make an impact as much as he did in his shortened life.

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