Essay about Leadership Is An Art By Depree And High Performance With High Integrity

Essay about Leadership Is An Art By Depree And High Performance With High Integrity

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Are you interested to work in an organization that feels like a volunteer work with a purpose, but maybe less noticeable benefits? DePree and Heineman texts will promise your leadership journey towards volunteer experience in your real job. The authors’ successful personal and work lives journey could be yours if you read the two texts: “Leadership is an Art” by DePree and ‘High Performance with High Integrity” by Heineman. These distinguished authors cast insights and guidelines to be an effective leader in any field aligning personal and work goals with purpose, results, and dignity in an ultimate humane sense. An Art of leadership is about liberating people to do what is required of them with effectiveness and benevolence whereas Heineman maintains that high performance with high integrity is the twin goals of the modern capitalism and the leader of the organization has the leading role to build that culture.
Key Arguments
DePree states that a leader’s job is to understand the diversity of people’s gifts, talents, ideas, and skills. A leader is a person who serves. Leaders need to recognize when another individual’s skill and gifts could do the job better than they can. In addition, leaders must be able to gracefully step down and follow the other person’s lead. Roving leaders are the ones when we need them the most: come to assist, coach, mentor, enable, in those real moments. Roving leaders take charge, in varying degrees, in a lot of companies on a daily basis. Leaders need to allow space and freedom thus employees can grow into their full potential. Covenant leaders encourage freedom; rests on a shared commitment to ideas, issues, values, and goals; bring warmth, love, and personal chemistry; and enables work to be fulfilli...

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...s to shareholders and stakeholders. High Integrity means persistent adherence on the part of the organization to rules and procedures, finance, legal, ethical and voluntary adoption of global standards, and employee commitment to the core values of honesty, candor, fairness, reliability and trustworthiness. If you create the right systems and procedures, you create the right culture. Senior executives must both be managers and leaders. Reputation like a forest takes years to grow, but can burn down overnight. Leaders must lead and as well as manage, place integrity and ethical principles first, go beyond tone at the top, and communicate decisions candidly. The two texts are based on author’s experiences where emphasis is on continuous improvement. The art of leadership with high performance with high integrity comes alive as a servant leader in any given organization.

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