Leadership Is A Position As A Leader Of A Group Essay

Leadership Is A Position As A Leader Of A Group Essay

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Leadership is defined in many different ways. In the Meriam-Webster dictionary it’s defined as a position as a leader of a group, organization, etc. The time when a person holds the position to lead, and lastly the power or ability to lead other people. To me, the definition of leadership means having the confidence, integrity, and ability to lead by example and do what’s right, so others will follow.
To me leading comes naturally because people have always looked up to me. My earliest memory of leadership was the summer of my sophomore year in high school. We always had summer workouts leading up to football camp, which lead to our season. That summer, I knew my team needed to come together because the senior running back was not being a leader. Therefore, I decided to step up and lead by example. I lived in Quincy, FL and my school was in Tallahassee, which was about 35 minutes from my house. So, I woke up early to show up to workouts before time, I encouraged my teammates to work hard, and I also told them to give their all and be the best that they can be. My positive actions, and words started changing the way my entire team thought, and it was a great sight to see.
Whether we know it or not, we all have someone who is or was a leader in our life and we don’t often realize it until we are older. My earliest memory of a leader was my mom. My mom has been my leader my entire life. Being a single mother, working multiple jobs where she helped people and they looked up to her to see if they are doing right or not was huge. I’d often go to work with her on the weekends and see that or I’d hear phone conversations of her talking to people leading and guiding them to stay on the right track. I never realized how much watching he...

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...e to keep doing what I am doing, impacting people lives, and showing them that they too can be a leader, but know how to be a follower first.
When reflecting on my leadership story what stands out the most to me is stepping up as a sophomore when the senior did not. My team was majority seniors and juniors, and then freshman and sophomores. Sophomores normally do not really have a say or the older guys do not listen to the younger guys. But, for me to be able to put the fear behind me that they may not listen and step up to the plate is what made me. I knew then, if I can get these older guys attention to see me doing right, and they humble themselves down and follow me we could be a great team. That was the greatest feeling ever. I knew then you do not have to be older than everyone to get them to see you are a leader. And that is something I will never forget.

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