Leadership Is A Fundamental Issue Today Essay

Leadership Is A Fundamental Issue Today Essay

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Leadership is a fundamental issue today because borders have been opened to global trade; where organizations and companies are in a constant struggle to become more competitive, looking for people who are efficient and able to give as much as themselves to the welfare of the organization or company. For that reason organizations and individuals are essential, today the global leaders are those who succeed in their organizations and are able to guide his subordinates to do so. The leader as a person has many strengths and weaknesses you should know; this involves looking first within oneself, known then understand others and reflect what you want to achieve.
As it is disused in the Case in Point, after the recession on 1998 the organizations are looking for global leader with multiple skills such as bilingual, an individual able to adapt to differences cultures, and the most important how to negotiate in the global market. It is very important to understand that each culture has different technique to negotiate. For example as the article found in California Management during the process of negotiation with Japanese you have to understand they like to avoid direct confrontation issues and also most of the Japanese are looking for long term relationship. Because of the globalization the organization needs to understand that it is important to recruit individuals that not only are smart, self-confident, or integrity sufficient. The multi-cultural adaptation is critical to progress in a global market.
A global leader, first, it is not a perfect, but is one who strives to be better every day, making mistakes and correcting. Every day you learn a lesson. He is someone who is always on the way, is defined as ever being finished, but a...

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...But the mere fact that a group be designated with this term does not mean it will work as a real team.
When the components of a group know their objectives, contribute enthusiasm, responsibility and a sense of mutual dependence that leads to support each other to achieve the tasks, you can say that this group is conducting a "teamwork". For the true constitution of a team with synergic characteristics must be overcome individualistic attitudes that constitute a culture in which the collective performance for a dominant performance in achieving established goals. For this cultural, philosophical, structural, behavioral and management models it required changes. Teams may have multifunctional elements and members that come from different departments and diverse functions within the company or otherwise can respond to a single functional forward within the organization.

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