Essay on Leadership Is A Function Of Input An Individual

Essay on Leadership Is A Function Of Input An Individual

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Leadership is a function of input an individual can make into the community’s capacity for concerted action, into the total power of the community in relation to the problems and opportunities it encounters (Breton, 1991).
The notion of leadership is very often linked to the issue of power and influence. (Jedwab)
Ethical leadership
Aristotle’s philosophy of leadership argues that "Leadership is more than a skill, more than the knowledge of theories, and more than analytical faculties. It is the ability to act purposively and ethically as the situation requires on the basis of the knowledge of universals, experience, perception, and intuition. It is about understanding the world in a richer and broader sense, neither with cold objectivity nor solipsistic subjectivity." (Toor & Ofori, 2009)
Therefore leadership ought to be ethical in order to be effective and successful over the long term. Leaders must demonstrate the highest moral standards and ethical conduct in their everyday speech, actions, decisions and behaviours so that others in their organisations can follow. (Toor & Ofori, 2009)
Leadership involves:
1. Establishing a clear vision
2. Sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly
3. Providing the information, knowledge and methods to realise that vision
4. Coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders.

Leadership development
Teaching of leadership qualities includes: communication, ability to motivate others and management, to an individual who may use the learned skills in a leadership position.
Leadership system
A leadership system includes formal and informal organisational structures, policies, and procedures through which leadership is exercised. Its k...

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...veloped positive ego; self-confidence is essential.(Boundless, 2015)
A behavioural theory is relatively easy to develop, as you simply assess both leadership success and the actions of leaders. With a large enough study, you can then correlate statistically significant behaviours with success. You can also identify behaviours which contribute to failure, thus adding a second layer of understanding.(Changing minds)
An example of this theory in action is a manager or leader who motivates desired behaviour by scolding employees who arrive late to meetings and showing appreciation when they are early or on time.(Boundless, 2015)
If success can be defined in terms of describable actions, then it should be relatively easy for other people to act in the same way. This is easier to teach and learn then to adopt the more ephemeral 'traits ' or 'capabilities”.(Changing minds)

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