Essay on Leadership Is A Big Part Of Our World Today

Essay on Leadership Is A Big Part Of Our World Today

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Leadership is such a big part of our world today, because it shapes us into the

person we are. Everyone has that person that they can go to for any advice or problems

they need help with. Leadership can be defined in many different ways in today’s society.

I believe that John Kotter defines leadership the best, he claims, “Leadership defines

what the future should look like, aligns people with that vision, and inspires them to

make it happen despite the obstacles.” I believe that definition is great, but it does not talk

about how a leader should have good character. Having good character is an important
because he or she should want the people who they are leading to trust them and

their decisions.(It seems as if you are focusing on trust without saying it) To improve

myself as leader I should decide my goals I want to achieve, figure out my own

characteristics, and decide on the styles of leadership I will use.

For one goal while I am here at Troy I would like to get more involved in Greek

life. Greek life is such a big asset here at Troy. I would like to have an executive position

in my fraternity; in turn, I could help make it better on campus. I would like to get the

fraternity more involved with campus activities and have more presence during rush

week. Another way I would like to use my leadership skills here at Troy is through the

Risk Management and Insurance department, which is my major here at Troy. This

department is growing at a very high rate and already has some great leaders within the

program now. Once I get into my higher years here at Troy I will be able to join the RMI

society and plan trips to different conventions as well as plan events on here on campus.


... middle of paper ...

...ything goes smoothly. I believe that selling is a great style of leadership I

would also want to use as a leader. In a selling style, leaders spend more time listening

and giving advice to different people which will encourage the follower to strive further.

These styles are more for a quiet type of leader which I believe goes well with my


Being a leader in today’s society is a very important role. Leaders are needed in

just about every day whether it is in a classroom, at church, in the community, and more

importantly for our country. I hope to strive in everything I do to become a better leader

and I know I have a lot to work. I believe that if I, decide the goals I would like to

achieve, figure out the characteristics I have, and use my leadership styles to the best I

can, than I could become a great leader down the road someday.

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