Leadership Gap Between Current And Forecasted Leadership Capacity Essays

Leadership Gap Between Current And Forecasted Leadership Capacity Essays

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A leadership gap is a shortfall between current and forecasted leadership capacity. Even though the term leadership gap has been part of the business vernacular for years, organizations continue to struggle with the critical challenge of identifying, selecting, and developing leadership talent. Bridging the leadership gap involves identifying the current organizational leadership skills and how they relate to current and future success. Identifying the gaps in the organizational leadership capacity is fundamental to knowing where to focus development efforts (Center for Creative Leadership, 2016). It requires the assessment and recognition of leadership skills within an organization. The process is complex for a company to project future leadership needs such diversification, growth of employees, and expansion of the company.
Factors that contribute to increase leadership effectiveness includes leading people, strategic planning, inspiring commitment, managing change, employee development, balancing personal and work life. By leading people, organizations can offer training and development programs to teach the specific behaviors and skills needed to manage well. Strategic planning will allow organizations to involve bright, young managers, which includes females, in strategy development. This would help remove barriers that women face in the workplace to ensure opportunities which leads to organizational success (Northouse, 2013). Rotating managers at regular intervals, men and women, will prepare them for senior management positions. Inspire commitment by developing recognition opportunities for managers to be publicly recognized. Offer change management classes and involving others in the decision making also contributes to lea...

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...ar to what Lisa and Pamela were facing. The organization’s human resource department have several policies that could benefit Lisa and Pamela and protect them from this occurring.

4. What could the organization do to raise the gender consciousness of Michael and Lisa’s male colleagues?
The organization could contribute to greater gender equality in leadership. For example, changes in organizational culture, women’s career development, mentoring opportunities for women, and increased number of women in strategic positions will increase the presence of women in prominent leadership roles (Northouse, 2013). The organization can reinforce their anti-discrimination policies and educate their employees that any type of discrimination will not be tolerated. Raising awareness in the organization could help raise gender consciousness of Michael and Lisa’s male colleagues.

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