Leadership Experience - A Personal Perceptive Essay

Leadership Experience - A Personal Perceptive Essay

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Effective Leadership
The purpose of this personal assessment is to devalue an incident in which I believe I performed my very best, within my leadership capability, according to organizational policies, and lawful regulatory compliance while protecting cultural competence and our organization from any legal repercussions. Business environment will continue evolve and it is pivotal to the success of the organization that all potential leaders acquire the fundamentals of understanding human behaviors within a multicultural atmosphere. Different situations will arise in which leadership will need to focus on the many aspects of one’s personal beliefs, culture as a whole, and productivity at the least. What is evident is the diversity within the business environment, perceptions, choices, and attitudes all play significant roles and contribute to issues within the working environment. Supervisors and managers are tasked with the many responsibilities of functionally operating a business, delegating responsibilities, and employee accountability, thus, leadership of today’s market must encompass a wide array of characteristics that parallel cultural diversity.
Incidental Characteristics
As the supervisor of my department, I was faced with the challenging situation in which professionalism, personal consideration, and ethical fairness where my obstacles to overcome (Alahmad, 2010, pp. 31-36). I have personally handled hundreds of complaints within the many years in the supervisor, however, nothing was about to prepare me for this new allegation that would include individuals whom I respect very dearly. An employee of mine came to me one day and filed a report claiming that a male supervisor whom had spoken with her regarding correcti...

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...ution if the resolution process is geared towards a positive outcome that is fair, unbiased, and just.

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