Leadership : Distributive Leadership And Leadership Essay

Leadership : Distributive Leadership And Leadership Essay

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Leadership theories/approaches have gradually evolved overtime. The initial theories began with the traits theory and progressed toward behavior, situational, adaptive, authentic, appreciative, transformational, transactional, servant, shared collective or distributive, and leader-member exchange. Leadership is a challenging and multifaceted process dependent upon numerous aspects such as, situation, personality and relationship of leader and follower, skills and knowledge, environment, and organizational and personal goals. The purpose of this paper is to discuss two specific approaches of leadership: distributive leadership and leader-member exchange, strengths and weakness of each approach, examples of approach dependent upon certain situations, most appropriate approach for the University of Utah Information Technology Services (UUIT) department, and how to implement each approach in a diverse organization.
Distributive Leadership
The distributive leadership approach is leadership that is disbursed among multiple people. It is the interactive process worked through and within relationships; involving multiple individuals rather than one single leader (Kempster, Higgs, & Wuerz, 2014; Bolden, 2011). Research shows the distributive leadership approach as the most effective for complex change processes and management of dynamic groups of people. Main concepts include: the leadership role is owned by the group of networking persons; setting of candidness to the limitations of leadership; diversity of knowledge is dispersed amongst the numerous – not the one person.
An identified strength of the distributive leadership approach is the increase in employee engagement which results in overall organization success and efficiency. Emp...

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...e continuous evolution and rapid developing economies world-wide creates the need for a more modernized leadership style and generational relevant methods. The conclusion indicated that despite the different cultures, leader-member exchange approach showed an increased organizational commitment and improved workplace attitudes.
In conclusion, distributive leadership and leader-member exchange approaches have similar concepts of relationship building and communication among the group, but deliver vastly different outcomes and utilizes distinctive methods. Subsequently, results positive or negative had more correlation and was mostly related to the dynamics of the individuals and the particular situation. To be truly successful and facilitate complex diverse organizations, leaders and employees must have an open mind, work together, and have a common goal.

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