The Leadership Development Program : An Example Of Motivational Jargon And Activities

The Leadership Development Program : An Example Of Motivational Jargon And Activities

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Once the foundation of the very essence of coaching is established, the next step is towards having the leaders use a combination of motivational jargon and activities to assist the related employee base. A key tool here is the involvement of workers in line with the companies’ goals and priorities. An example here is of the company named Cardo which was a Sweden based industrial group that ran a leadership development program; only the return they got from it was 10-24 times the cost of the entire workshop (Finnstrom, 2009). The idea was simple, put in effect by Aru Anita Hebrand (senior vice president of HR) and Per-Olof Nyquist (head of organizational development), and it was to develop a central idea-that would be followed by managers at all levels-based on four main pillars; this program was called EMP (executive management program) (Finnstrom, 2009, pp. 4-5). Firstly, the “Goal Setting and Self-Managed Learning” aimed at the engagement of all employees through a series of assessments that gauged their feelings and suggestions towards how the company procedures were run. These were then scrutinized by the upper management in order to get more awareness on the various positions the employees had regarding company matters. Secondly, there were the quarterly “In-Person Learning Modules”. These focused on topics like teamwork, leading the organization, psychological commitment (among others). This was the type of learning that provided employees with tools where they could reflect on some theories, frameworks and examples to build up themselves (as better employees) and also their colleagues and managers. The third phase involved “Action Learning”. This was where participants were given different problems and they had to find str...

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...(where the managers would create a journal of how various people within the company reacted to them and how such behaviours were changing over time. Another method involves the “role reversal” technique, developed by Stacy Blake-Beard, where the leaders were put in odd situations and places, and were then put through the experience of feeling like the odd one out. Such kinds of coaching strategies are imperative for leaders in order to realize their aura when they walk across the room from their workforce. This understanding, in effect, has the primary purpose of changing leaders’ attitudes in a way that would give rise to an open climate and common ground within the company. This would be where their image comes to a point where the employees start to relax and feel comfortable with it. Such kind of practice is another way to push employee motivation (Ernst, 2010).

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