Leadership Development Of A Leader Essay

Leadership Development Of A Leader Essay

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Nursing Leadership
Leadership is the ability to lead or guide others. Leadership develop is an action that increases the eminence of leadership in a company or individual. One being taught how to be a leader develops leadership. According to Grossman and Valiga (2013), “emergence as a leader is a developmental learning process in which capacities, insights and skill gained through one experience or at one level serve as the basis for further growth; thus, leaders go through stages in their developments.”(p178) This type of leadership development is important in the producing of qualified leaders. Leadership development is important for nursing today because the individual has an opportunity to learn the correct way of leading. The nurse has to learn the role of a leader and how to deal with conflict and change. Since nursing is a continuously changing field, the nurse leader must be attune to and have the desire to learn. Leadership development helps the nurse to learn to be a change agent. According to Davies (2013), “ strong leadership in nursing is recommended and highlights that all those who proved patient care need to work together effectively in a culture in with patients are seen as the priority.”(p 22) This makes for good quality care for the good of the patient population. A good leader will ensure that their employees seek first to maintain safe care and compassion for those they care for. This is why there needs to be good nursing leadership development.
The theoretical leadership theories as they relate to leadership development are the great man theory, trait theory, situational theory, and contemporary theories. The great man theory iterates, according to Grossman and Valiga (2013), “ that a leader is bo...

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...t be made to feel important and that they are important also. One must maintain good communication with their colleagues and must develop trust and respect among them. One has to be true to self. He or she must know that they are not perfect and are capable of making mistakes. He or she must be willing to forgive self and others. This is very important to being a good leader.
Leadership is not an easy job. There are many advantages and disadvantages to being a leader. A good leader is one who accepts direction and that people will be who there are without being changed. There are some great leaders and there are some bad leaders. Leaders are not born they are made. To be a good leader one must be open to change. Good communication is an essential key. Everyone has the opportunity to be the best leader they can be, they just have to be willing to learn.

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