Essay on Leadership Demands For Skills, And Abilities

Essay on Leadership Demands For Skills, And Abilities

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Leadership demands for skills, and abilities to address responsibilities of today’s challenges while thinking ahead into the future. Mehmet Karaarslan puts it in better words “Leadership is an interpersonal influence process of setting direction and inspiring others to achieve goals.” He has delineated eight tips of effective leadership values to build the “capabilities and performances of People” on the video.

1. Be proactive: being a proactive leader facilitates for a long and lasting impact on an organization. This kind of leader will take time to learn form pervious mistakes; he/she will engage and cooperate with his/her team leading by example and always looking for ways to improve. This I think is a forward thinking leadership that will not differ based on the composition of team in the a hospital.
2. Put first things first: As we all know leaders have a lot of responsibilities. They need to plan ahead; they need to know what their short and long term plans are. Having a plan will help them stay focused on the long term and daily needs. This is a balanced leadership, I would say. Leaders that “put first things first” recognize that not taking the first opportunity to meet a goal is ok and that they don’t need to over extend their leadership. They are comfortable to say no when necessary and focus on the highest priorities. This kind of leadership is a hard leadership unless the entire team is on the same page with the leader. The leader will have to do a lot of explaining.

3. Seek first to understand, then to be understood: This, I feel is a greatest down fall of many leaders that I have had. They don’t really take time to understand what the needs of the people they are leading are and yet, when they don’t see the goal...

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...ay-to-day activity. A leader that plans in leading change will be successful if these steps are followed especially in a hospital setting where there is diverse group of people working towards a common goal.
8. Creating a flexible and “ready for change” culture. An organization that is ready for change is a flexible culture. However, as an effective leader, one needs to understand that creating flexibility without accountability will only benefit and organization in short term. This leader will need to encourage creativity among team members; he will encouraging accountability as they relay the culture of change and act as ambassadors and tapping in every level of the organization. This kind of leadership works best for diverse organization like a hospital. This is where the leader needs to be able to give opportunity to learn and expand beyond their comfort zones.

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