Leadership, Communication, Planning, And Assessment, Nutritional And Spiritual Needs Of Patients

Leadership, Communication, Planning, And Assessment, Nutritional And Spiritual Needs Of Patients

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This contextual project consists of 10 concepts from the module in block 1. I will be writing on leadership, communication, planning, and assessment, nutritional and spiritual needs of patients, teamwork and evaluation.
Each of the concepts will be elaborated in terms of significance, implementation activities related to the concept, application in current job and usefulness of the concept in the current world.

Effective leadership is about creating and inspiring vision and then motivates and inspires others to reach that vision.
They also manage delivery of the vision either directly or indirectly, build and coach their teams to make them ever stronger.
- Positive relationship with improved safety outcomes.
- Healthy work environment.
- Creates jobs satisfaction.
- Positive outcome for organization, patients and health care providers.
- The use of written, visual and tactile materials in directing the subordinates.
- Effective selecting of strategy in planning and excursion of duties.
- Effective communication skills.

In my place of work, there is a leader who directs, allocates and supervises job, and makes sure they are done in the appropriate way.

MOTIVATION: It motivates the employees with economic and non economic rewards and thereby gets the work from the subordinates.
CREATING CONFIDENCE: Confidence is an important factor which can be achieved through expressing the work effort to the subordinate, expressing them clearly, their role and giving them guidelines to achieve their goal effectiv...

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...his is designed and validated to provide a single, rapid assessment of nutritional action in an individual.

- To identify individuals or population groups at risk of becoming malnourished.
- Identify individuals and population groups who are malnourished.
- To develop health care programs that meet the community needs which are defined by the assessment.
- To measure the effectiveness of the nutritional programme and intervention once initiated.


- Organizing health care programme in schools, hospitals and health centers.
- Providing nutritional assessment materials like scales for weight, use of stadiometer for height.
- By taking dietary history and distribution of questioners to assess individuals or groups nutritional intake and knowledge.

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