Leadership Communication and Generation Essay

Leadership Communication and Generation Essay

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Leadership Communication
Communication is an essential part in a leaders daily work life, and without it, effective leadership does not exist. However, it is possible to be able to communicate without having to lead. These interactions can consist of transmitting communication through messages, pictures via email or text messages. For most humans it comes natural to interact through communication and shared symbols. Leaders can face barriers of communication, but finding new methods or tools that work appropriately in order to transmit their information is a crucial factor.
The Way a Leader Communicates
The way a leader communicates is not dependent from his or her age/generation. The classification of generations are chart by their birth year and social influences. This means that one generation differentiates from the next and this affects their communication style, among other behaviors. Baby boomers for instance may feel intimidated by technology, which can hurt their communication through this technological era. “Boomers were also raised to respect authority figures, but as they witnessed their foibles, learned not to trust anyone over thirty” (Karp, Fuller, & Sirias, 2002). This can bring communication conflict when boomers are expected or forced to accept leadership guidance from other younger generations. Generation Xers are more apt to embrace technology. They have strong technical skills (Zemke et al., 2000) generation Xers can easily focus on their goals and “are ruled by a sense of accomplishment and not the clock” (Joyner, 2000). Authority figures do not intimidate Xers, and for the most part, money does not motivated them but the absence of money might (Karp et al., 2002). However, Generation Y are best prepare to e...

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