Leadership Challenges For The Leader 's Abilities Essay

Leadership Challenges For The Leader 's Abilities Essay

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Leadership constantly presents challenges to the leader’s abilities. Changes occur in the organization environment, disrupting the equilibrium. The approach a leader uses to handle and manage challenges effectively, greatly determine the success of the organization (Hall and Hord, 2006). In the modern-day organizations, challenges come in the form of people and obstacles that prevent the organization from reaching its goals. Moreover, there are a lot of complexity and unpredictability. New set of skills is required for the organization to stay competitive and achieve the set goals. Hence, the life of a modern-day leader is more demanding than ever (Kouzes and Posner, 2006).
The challenges facing leaders are of three kinds: external, internal and those arising from the nature of the leadership role. The external challenges stem from the fact organization faces lack of funds, economic, social and political forces (Kanter, 2003). The leader must be able to cope up with crises that threaten the survival of the firm. On the other hand, internal challenges come from the fact that the leader 's personality may be an impediment on reaching the organizational goals. Fear, lack of confidence, insecurity and intolerance can act as a barrier to leadership. Lastly, the leader is responsible for forging a vision and a mission for the organization (DuBrin, 2013). Moreover, modern-day leader should be strategic thinkers able create a vision of the future and motivate the employees to own it.
Furthermore, the leader works with a group of employee from different regions of the world (Lewis and Gates, 2005). These employees have extensive knowledge and skills in different fields and thus it is more difficult for a leader to manage them. Moreo...

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...cive for teamwork. Meetings room should allow members to be creative and innovative. Poor work environment reduces productivity. The leader should come up with ways to make the workplace more engaging to the employees. Including amenities for the recreation may be helpful, if the work entails stressful sessions of brainstorming. It is up to the leader to learn the team preferences and tailor a work environment that stimulates employees to creativity and innovation.
In conclusion, due to the complexity and unpredictability of the environment in which the organisation operate in modern time, new styles of leadership are needed. Furthermore, in cases of team leadership, new approaches to negotiation must be developed to reduce tension between the employees and the leaders. Teams cannot run smoothly unless the leader communicates clearly and can negotiate effectively.

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