Leadership Challenges Faced By Anthony Toughest Challenges Essays

Leadership Challenges Faced By Anthony Toughest Challenges Essays

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Anthony toughest challenges are the constant rule changes in Federal and State laws, it is imperative that he is aware of all changes and be able to disseminate the changes in a timely fashion, understand missing a rule change or being unaware that a rule has change can have grave implication to the firm as well as our clients. Over the years Anthony has set-up a network of colleagues that are faced with the same challenges they are able to share information freely without compromising their respective law firms’ integrity. Good communication skills understanding people and being able to trust those around you is critical. His leadership opportunity came about when he was recruited to head-up his own department, and that was a very scary time in his life, because he was required to resign from the previous Law firm that he had worked for almost five years, and jump ship to the current firm. He stated that deep down in is heart he knew if I had stayed at his old firm it was very unlikely that he would have been given the opportunity to head the Department there were too many people ahead of him all waiting for the Department head’s job. At the time he questioned his ability and was unsure if he was making the choice. His mentor at that time told him to use the old way to find out if he was up for the challenge it was either “sink or swim”!!!!.
Nick Oldfield toughest challenges in leadership was when he was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of Computershare. When he was appointed he had to make decisions that entailed the firing of some senior executives that were not suited to the company’s culture and vision at that particular time. The role that Nick played in the company came with...

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...t strategy, if things are not in your favor. I think when people see the strength in you, and you can conveying your vision with clarity, only then you are a true leader (Nick Oldfield).
The interview was very informative. When I asked what advice they would give me as a developing leader Nick said “Work hard, be prepared, be open to challenges, always contribute, be honest and open and don’t be afraid to ask questions”. Anthony response was “Be empathetic, never give up, set a path and goals and always deliver what you promised. Most of the information and advice that was given by both individual was very interesting. Each had their own leadership style based on their current position in their organization. The interview project was an awesome and unforgettable experience for me. I was so comfortable it was unbelievable. Best project ever, thus far.

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