Essay about Leadership Challenges and Strategies in a Post-GFC World

Essay about Leadership Challenges and Strategies in a Post-GFC World

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Business today has to face many difficulties especially in a post-GFC world. To sustain and survive over this period, there have been many challenges that business leadership has to deal with. Besides that, business leaders has also confront with many challenges in the arrangement with the effects of the GFC. In response to this outcome, many organizations have been used innovative leadership approaches. The intention of this discussion is to discuss about these mentioned above.
Firstly, there are many business leadership challenges and suitable solutions that could be applied in the post-GFC world. Globalization is the first one to involve in. According to Voegtlin, Patzer, and Scherer (2012, p.2), the negative side outcome of globalization lead to a corrosion of corporate legitimacy, a loss of public trust in directors and partnerships, and to the deterioration of social capital. To solve this, CSR has become a motivated method for the organizational program performing the companies’ conflict to keep legitimacy as a necessary resource of business conduct (Palazzo, Scherer and Suchman, cited in Voegtlin, Patzer, and Scherer, 2012, p.3). It is absolutely assert that management education is the second one to participate in the crisis. It requires MBA students to expand increased personal attention, interpersonal skills and teamwork skills. Furthermore, Datar, Galvin and Curlen (cited in Waddock and Lozeno, 2013, p. 266) also mention that better notice organizational corporality, more completely carry out, critical thinking, obvious interaction is also necessary for MBA students. Managing innovation and creativity within organizations is also being caused by the recent GFC, which are known as the third business leadership challenges...

... middle of paper ... Exploring radically transformational challenges confronting education business leadership’, Global Conference on Business and Finance Proceedings, vol. 9, no.1, pp. 265 – 276.
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Waddock S, & Lozano J. M., 2013, ‘Developing more holistic Management Education: Lessons learned from two Programs’, Academy of Management Learning & Education, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 265 – 284,

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