Essay about Leadership Beliefs : What Do I Believe As A Leader?

Essay about Leadership Beliefs : What Do I Believe As A Leader?

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Leadership Beliefs: What do I believe as a Leader?
Every leader has their own leadership beliefs that they follow in order to lead others. The leadership belief consists of values, core values, and leader’s code of ethnic. Values are long-lasting belief or principles that you use to guide what you deem good, desirable or important. (Nahavandi, 2015) The values are something that helps determine what kind of person is. Some values refer as the modes of behaviors where people who are honest and courageous are considered as an instrumental value. Instrumental values are values that are a mode of conduct are referred to. Other values refer as the desired states are known as the terminal values. Terminal values are values that are end-stated of existences. The core values are those values from which you will not deviate and that you fall back on when faced with tough choices. (Nahavandi, 2015) The cord values will determines what kind of decision the leader will make when leaders are pressured. The leader can either make ethical and unethical decisions under pressure, but overall the leader’s decisions are created from his or her core value.
After performing an in-class exercise on identifying your core value, my top three core values are the followings, giving, trust, and respectful. Personally this did not surprise me at all because I knew that I am a giver and trustful person. According to my peers, subordinates, manager, my school professors, my moral value is some who is caring for other and provide other with assistants regardless any situation. Needless to say, these core values are something that makes who I am and what kind of leader I am.
My core values and my definition,
• Giving: Someone who is providing their full att...

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My leadership belief helps me to balance the positive and negative impacts in order to obtain more positive than negative impact. It also helps me by guiding me away from abusing my power. My major strength is relationship over task-ordinated where my challenge will be to develop a method to motivate my subordinates to get the task done in fairly and authoritative manners.
In conclusion, each leader’s leadership beliefs are going to be different from each other. This is because leadership beliefs are influenced by the leader’s core values and code of ethics. The leadership belief help identify the leader’s strength and weakness. Additionally, the leadership belief will help leader to avoid abusing their powers and help them balance the positive and negative impacts. This will help the leader to make ethical decisions rather than making a unethical decisions.

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