Leadership Assessment : Key Strengths Essay

Leadership Assessment : Key Strengths Essay

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Leadership Assessments: Key Strengths
When comparing my Big Five Personality scores to the class average, I received a score of 6 and the average was 5.7, one score did not come to a surprise. My personality is reliant on my strength of conscientiousness. Individuals who score high in conscientiousness tend to be methodical, well-organized, achievement orientated, and ethically guided. The conscientious personality type has a strong correlation to leader emergence which I can attest is true. I often am the first individual in the group to take reigns because of my organization, self-discipline, and need to create a plan before acting.
Two strengths appeared when reviewing the emotional intelligence (EQ) assessment. The first, is my high self-awareness. This is a great asset of mine because I am able to recognize when I need to separate myself from the group in order to rejuvenate myself. Spending a significant about of time around one group of individuals or focusing on one task, often drains my energy. Therefore, my high self-awareness assists me in recognizing when it is necessary for me, as the leader, to declare a 10-minute break. Not only does the break help me refocus, but it helps the team in general by allowing everyone to decompress for a while. The other component of EQ where I received a high ranking is use of emotion. This can be both a weakness and a strength. It is a strength because it makes me relatable and humanizes me, similar to what was mentioned in the class article “Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?” by Goffee and Jones. Thankfully, my high self-awareness helps me to recognize when my emotions could be a sign of weakness, and more often than not, I am able to remove myself from a potentially difficult situat...

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...would have originally thought prior to the exam. This will be skill I work on in order to align with my leadership vision of helping people and communities flourish into their and its greatest potential.
Reflection: New Insight Gained
I also learned that my strongest leadership style is supporting. When I first took the exam, I thought the method I would resonate the most with would be coaching. After all, I spent most of my childhood through high school years in a basketball gym being coached by my father. However, the exam is correct. I do enjoy the supporting leadership role where the leader takes on a mentorship position in listening, praising and seeking input of the team of collaborators. This method of leadership aligns with my strengths, values, and desire to have everyone on the team voice their opinion and feel like they are a true, meaningful contributor.

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