Leadership As A Leader As The Motivation And The Leading Of The Performance

Leadership As A Leader As The Motivation And The Leading Of The Performance

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Marquis describes a leader as the motivation and the leading of the performance. Leader’s uniqueness and abilities are what make others to need to take after his or her way (2009 p.32). First, a leader must understand the self and others as the beginning in leading. As Kouzes and Posner stated “self-discovery and self-awareness are critical to developing the capacity to lead. And personal reflection and analysis of one’s own leadership behaviors are core components in that process” (2011, p. 13). In health care, the nursing leaders hold a vital role in inspiring, empowering, coaching, and supporting the nursing profession to engage with today 's changes in the healthcare. Importantly, the nursing leader’s priority is to advocate for the patients’ care by role modeling to the team on delivering a safe and quality care. Nursing leader who strives effectiveness in responding to challenges, will assess personal leadership style, personality traits and leadership competencies. Thus, self-reflection on leadership is the base for the nursing leader to guide and support his or her followers.
Leadership Style Assessment
Leadership is a way of inspiring a group, the followers, to achieve common goals. Usually, the goals derive from the organization’s mission and vision. The leaders’ awareness of their leadership style using a leadership style assessment studied tool, such as the University of Kent assessment leadership style, is a helpful guide.
My Leadership style.
According to The University of Kent, my leadership style is participative, democratic and consulting style, a flexible leader who strives for quality and productivity. Additionally, the leader motivates, increases job satisfaction, involves the team in decision ma...

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...thout consulting the team at that time will take priority since each member’s input is time consuming. Further, I will delegate by expertise to the team members enabling me to focus on the solution of the matter. A need to learn as an informal participative leader is how to make rapid decisions, and delegate to the team members without considering their input.

Leadership is the leaders and their followers’ quality of relationships on achieving mutual goals. Leadership style and personality traits are a foundation for the nurse to develop his or her leadership. Nursing leaders can empower, mentor and guide for success their followers. Additionally, the nursing leaders with their follower advocate for the patients’ safety and quality care thru quality improvement. As a result, this leads to personal and professional growth for the nurse who chooses to lead.

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