Leadership As A Good Role Model Essay

Leadership As A Good Role Model Essay

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Leadership has a different meaning for everyone. The ability to motivate, set good examples, and persevere through adversity are all parts of leadership. Some people may think that being a leader is only for a select amount people. I see leadership differently. I think everyone is capable of being a leader. There are also various ways that an individual can practice leadership. Obvious examples are the ability to speak, ability to motivate, and the ability to be a good role model. I see the ability of being a good role model and having good character as the foundation of leadership. My reasoning behind this is everyone is a leader or role model in my mind. Everyone influences a certain amount of people whether it’s one person or millions of people, and being a good role model and having good character is the first step to becoming a good leader.
My opinion of leadership has been shaped by several experiences and people during my life. My parents have always taught me to be humble and selfless. As a result, I grew up a fairly quiet kid and wasn’t someone who would want to speak. In the various sports I participated in, I would never be one to give a pregame speech or halftime motivation. I was always focused on remaining calm, staying humble, and being a good teammate. Another person I looked up to greatly growing up was the high school football coach Ed Thomas. I grew up at Aplington-Parkersburg and absolutely loved watching the high school kids play sports as a kid. I knew Ed and he knew me. My parents were both taught or coached by him, and my dad and I went to every football game since about 2nd grade. I was greatly influenced by Ed’s character and what he stood for. He always stressed doing the right thing and doing the li...

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...del for whoever may be watching. I want to continue to practice the things my parents taught me growing up. While still at Wartburg, I want to build on what I’ve already learned. I know I’ve only touched the surface of what I’m capable of. I realize the importance of being a good role model, but I also know I need to work on my speaking, mentoring, and decision making skills if my goal is to become a parent someday. I have been truly blessed to have the mentors I have had growing up, and I am also blessed to have all of the experiences I have experienced. However, I don’t want to stop here. I want to continue to learn about what turns a good leader into a great leader, and I want to continue to influence those around me positively. I want to take the things I’ve learned from role models in my life, like my parents and Ed Thomas, and put them into practice every day.

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