Leadership As A Good Leader Essay

Leadership As A Good Leader Essay

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The insufficiencies of effective leadership that exist in today’s organizations have led me to pursue my journey into leadership. I have experienced first-hand the devastation the lack of leadership can bring to a company, from micro-managers to in-group favoritism and toxic leadership. All of these types of leaders bring company moral down and have the ability to sink an organization.
I must first be a good follower in order to become a good leader. I learned this through the course of my studies in Organizational Leadership. I realized that I have always been a leader in many ways. Not in your traditional corporate setting, but in my everyday life. Some of my leadership characteristics stem from childhood; nevertheless my leadership development began as a teenager. As a teen aged mother, I had to step up into a leadership role as a parent. As a friend, it was clear that I was always the leader of my pack. I was Co-captain of the cheerleading team in Jr. High and Captain in High School. I have always enjoyed taking the lead role, motivating people to do things for the good of the team. In my work setting, I always take the initiative to welcome new hires, making sure they feel comfortable by showing kindness, hospitality, and respect.
Some inspirational figures in my life that have given me the motivation and strength to continue my leadership journey are, Martin Luther King Jr. for his non-violent civil rights movement. Susan B. Anthony, who was an active member of the American Anti-Slavery Society, despite meeting hostility she continued to press the US constitution to outlaw slavery. In addition, Rosa Parks for her courage as an ordinary person to start the Montgomery bus boycott through her refusal to give up her seat to a ...

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...es, and drug test results. I was appalled about all of this information I knew of other employees personal issues and should not. I ended up reporting the confidentiality breach to my direct supervisor so the Human Resource person could be corrected, reminded, and re-trained on her responsibilities of her role as Human Resources. I felt morally responsible to do the right thing and protect employee’s privacy and rights.
Leadership plays an important role in several dimensions in my life. I have never considered myself a leader until now. I believe without happiness and justice, I cannot be an effective leader. I cannot influence people effectively if I am not genuinely happy and I cannot be happy without justice. I believe in the old saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This is something I live by and will carry on into my leadership journey.

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