Leadership And The Qualities That Surround It Have Been Extremely Helpful And Eye Opening On Life

Leadership And The Qualities That Surround It Have Been Extremely Helpful And Eye Opening On Life

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Leadership and the qualities that surround it have been extremely helpful and eye opening on life and that people should never give up on achieving the goals they have set for themselves. To make sure that an individual stays on track, it is good for them to follow a person who displays good leadership qualities. For my shadow a leader project, I choose my coworker Denise McAlister, a cashier at Ingles in Anderson South Carolina. I have been working with Denise for four years now and I have observed many leadership qualities in her like honesty, kind-heartedness, helpfulness, dependability, and the ability to work well with other people. The three aspects of leadership that I have witnessed in my interview and shadowing experience with Denise is that she has the ability to listen first and then speak, she is a problem solver, and a good leader that involves teamwork.
One of the leadership aspects that Denise possesses is that she has the ability to listen first then speak. In the textbook, Leadership Development Studies: A Humanities Approach”, unit one which is, “Developing a Personal Leadership Philosophy”, states that, “The ability to listen is as important as the ability to speak” (Sheryl Sandberg, “Seek and Speak Your Truth”, Byrd, 44). While I was shadowing Denise, she and a few other coworkers got into a group and started discussing ideas and how they could engage in those ideas in order to improve the atmosphere at work and also if there was any problems that needed to be resolved. So while in the group meeting, Denise first listen to every suggestion that was presented and then she prepared herself to engaged in the debate around the ideas and then she simply delivered her opinion. The concept of listening first then ...

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...r let them down. So, this reminds me of an inspiring quote from unit five that, “People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society” (Vince Lombardi, “Reflect & Focus”, Byrd, 239). However, I think Denise just needs a little more improvement when it comes to spotting those key problems; so then she could become better at communicating or presenting them to her teammates.
While shadowing Denise and also interviewing her, I have learned many leadership qualities like helpfulness, kind-heartedness, listening first then speaking, working as a team, etc. that one person can express. I think it was an amazing experience to be able to study those qualities because it really is an eye opener on life and being able to witness those aspects can really help me create and improve my leadership qualities.

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