Essay Leadership And The One Minute Manager

Essay Leadership And The One Minute Manager

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The book "Leadership and The One Minute Manager" is a series of book on topic One Minute Manager has been written by Ken Blanchard along with Patricia and Drea Zigarmi. Its first edition was written in 1985 and later on updated in the year 2013. The author in order to make the topic interesting and easy apprehending has formulated in a style of short story in such a way to convey basic and important skills of leadership and management required by any leader or Managers to get maximum results from their staff/team members.

The author has tried to convey the message by presenting various situation in the story that the manager/leader should have sense to observe the requirement and be flexible in adopting various techniques of management efficiently and effectively as per requirement. This is called Situational Leadership. In story an entrepreneur who facing difficulty in managing her managers and usually doing very hardworking on behalf of their managers. She sought help from one minute manager who very graciously guided her to dig out her weak areas and learn how to overcome it.

The Author has tried to teach effective management ideas through observing live experience by having dialog between lady with different types of managers which were being treated absolute in a different way by One minutes mangers in order to handle them more effectively.
Don 't Work Harder - Work Smarter
The author has tried to convey that the manager should work smarter- not harder like observing closely the working of their subordinates and should use various management tools to groom them and accomplish goals for the organization. There is no direct link between amount or work and success as most of the people perceive, rather time and efforts put i...

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...petence and high commitment.
2. Style 2 vs Coaching: People having some competence and low commitment need to use high directive and high supportive behavior
3. Style 3 vs Supporting: Best suites to employees having moderate to high competence and variable commitment who need highly supportive and low directive behaviour
4. Style 4 vs Delegating: Employees already having high commitment and high competence only need low supportive and directive behavior.

Actually author has tried to indicate that directive behavior is about to give direction and feedback to employees having less experience and requires improvement. hence, ranging from low to high depending on their level of competence/developmental. whereas, supportive behavior is more about to encourage and motivate inexperience and new comers in the organization in order to boost up their confidence level.

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