Leadership And Teamwork At The Summer Time Of America ( Ffa ) Camp, And Team

Leadership And Teamwork At The Summer Time Of America ( Ffa ) Camp, And Team

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When most people think about summer, they might think of swimming, time off from work and school, making memories, and other various outdoor activities. However, I think of summer as a time to relax, hangout with friends and family, and learn new things. This past summer, I learned about teamwork, that spending time with family is important, and that God will always be there for me.
This past summer, I went to Future Farmers of America (FFA) camp, and we were engaged in different activities that involved interacting with other people who were not from Charlton County High School. FFA camp focuses on leadership and teamwork. While attending this camp, we competed in activities such as softball and volleyball, where, we competed against different teams for points. One of the activities we performed focused on teamwork. This activity required us to get everyone through a tire that was four feet in the air. By doing this activity it made us work together teaching us the benefit of teamwork. Some of the individual activities we would participate in is a game called corn hole. The scores f...

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