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Leadership and Teams Essay

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Leadership and Teams
Working groups and work teams are important tools for businesses to use during the decision making process. A lot goes into the formation and leadership of a work team so they will have a beneficial outcome. Through the formation of a work team, a business will is able to utilize the resources of their employee’s skills and leadership experience to gain an outcome of a workable solution to solve complex ideas or improve efficiency. This may sound like a simple concept, but one should explore everything that goes into the formation of a team as well as the leadership theory that is used to lead the team, to ultimately understand just how complex this situation really can be.
Before a group can start to function for its desired purpose, the group must first be formed. Team membership is selected to ensure sufficient breadth and depth of technical skills (Fitzpatrick, 2000). During the forming stage the group defines its purpose structure and leadership. It is during this process that the group is loosely organized and lacks a sense of direction and leadership. After the group has been formed, the group will go through a storming phase in which the uncertainty of the group is dealt with, by selecting leaders and clearly describing what the group needs to be doing. It is during this time that a hierarchy of leadership is defines and through this act the group settles down and allows for the next stage to take place. Consequently, the norming stage begins and during this stage the group starts to form relationships and cohesion between the group members thus allowing the group to assimilate itself into a normal state of operation. Once the group has been normalized and the leadership takes control, the gr...

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