Leadership and Supervision of Police Organizations Essays

Leadership and Supervision of Police Organizations Essays

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Police organizations are just one of the large bureaucratic structures in modern America and exist because like all others, it is an impersonal, quick and efficient way to run a large institution. Along with the few benefits of police agencies having a top down structure with rigid rules, there are also many costs including poor communication and poor community relations. The problems of the bureaucratic structure are not the only difficulties agencies have faced throughout history, many of these historical complications such as the quality of officers and corruption have been addressed and dealt with numerous times and in many police commissions. Though historical issues are very relevant, the most important issue facing large, modern police bureaucracies is leadership and supervision and can be addressed in a number of ways. In order to improve police morale, job satisfaction, and a better public image leadership and supervision is in need of some serious refinements.
The idea of modern policing and its implementation were introduced by Sir Robert Peel and his nine principles of policing including, This idea along with the bureaucratic structure was then reinforced by August Vollmer, Bruce Smith and O.W. Wilson. Professionalism was the first step in the direction of new, modern policing with the formulation of specialized police units and management principles borrowed from business administration (Walker and Katz, 2013). According to Steinheider and Wuestewald (2008), modern police organizations are mostly top – down, have centralized decision making and are extremely rule oriented, just like any large, modern day bureaucratic institution. Lastly, one important and possibly the most evident characteristic of p...

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