Leadership And Organizational Management And Leadership Essay

Leadership And Organizational Management And Leadership Essay

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Throughout the term and study of Resilient Leaders and Organizational Management and Leadership many aspects of leadership were studied. All of these aspects work together as a body that forms the leader. From these bodies of knowledge five concepts stood out. Additionally, three key sets of scripture are highlighted that paint a picture of leadership in the biblical sense.

Group Consensus

The group determined five key concepts that help define a leader held such importance that they were set apart for this submission. The first is integrity. Integrity is core to all aspects of a leader’s makeup. It is vital due to the ramification of lacking it and the advantages of having it. The second is how leaders deal with tribulation. Dealing with tribulation is very important as it puts a leader’s core skills and characteristics on display for all to see. Third is the concept of workforce diversity. With workforce diversity leaders can have a platform for better team building that will lead to competitive advantage. The fourth concept is the importance a leader’s accountability. Leaders should be held accountable for all facets of their jobs. Accountability ensures that the right things are being done. The final concept is leading by example. Leading by example is of great importance for organizations as leaders are trendsetters who are at the forefront of an organization. If a poor example is set, that example can be easily replicated at all levels. If good examples are set forth, the organization as a whole will benefit.

Biblical Integration

Leadership and its various aspects are throughout scripture from beginning to end. The Lord shows us his leadership, provides examples o...

... middle of paper ...

...ssion, and vision the power could easily run amuck and be detrimental to efficiency and effectiveness.

The fifth concept is leaders leading by example. Dees views this in terms of mobilizing when subordinates are immobilized by fear and paralysis. (Dees, 2013, p. 204) This often manifests itself by the leader taking direct action that is on display for the staff to see. This is a “roll up the sleeves” scenario where the leader either takes on the role of a staff member or the leader guides by showing. Conversely, if leaders set bad examples in work or leadership the staff is left confused and disengaged. Leading by example draws parallels to job based motivation in that staff when led by good example will experience job enlargement and job satisfaction. (Satterlee, 2013, p. 169)

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