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Leadership And Organizational Level Leadership Essays

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Since the beginning of time, leadership has been an attribute, burden, and blessing for mankind. Leadership is what we can all count on to ensure a given task is done correctly and efficiently. Understanding leadership, an abstract concept, is one that can never be fully done. Every day the definition of leadership and what it entails to be a leader is changing. The United States Army even admits to this in their Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) Number 6-22. It states that leadership is a “Modified Definition.” Although comprehending the definition a leader is difficult, comprehending what a leader is expected to do is quite easier. A lot of what a leader is expected to complete can be done on an organizational level of leadership. Organizational level leadership is the core of what it is to be a purposeful, constructive, and proficient leader.
According to the ADRP 6-22, organizational level leadership is the backbone of operations in the United States Army. To accomplish this task, you must comprehend its value beyond the physical words. In this essay I will expose you to an organizational level leadership in a world outside the military. Looking at this leadership level without a rank and uniform on will greatly improve a reader’s comprehension. I will do this by comparing and contrasting an organizational leader of the military with that of a collegiate club.
The military organization that I will be using will be the Golden Eagle Battalion (GEB). The collegiate club I will be using will be from my personal experience, the University of Wisconsin –Milwaukee (UWM) Paintball club, which I am the president of. I have chosen these two because it will allow me to compare and contract organizational level leadership compl...

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...r presence to your subordinates. In both organization I see how a leader will change the training right away if something is not hitting a required goal or task.
Being and organizational leader is more than being organized. It requires you to spend more than 24 hours a day ensuring that standards, goals, tasks, and personal achievements are being met. It’s no easy job but it is one that is expected to be performed correctly at all battalion leadership floors and higher. This organizational leadership also carries over to the civilian sector which was made clear by my involvement in the UWM paintball club. Although the two are polar opposites in sense of hoppy and job, an organizational leader is needed in every kind of organization. Without having the abilities to be an organizational leader you would never become a purposeful, constructive, and proficient leader.

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