Leadership And Organizational Change

Leadership And Organizational Change

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CrysTel is taking the necessary steps necessary in the advancement of its organization by adding new technological products to its company. In order for the success of this change they are conducting different surveys to make sure that this is right for the company at this time. For this change to be successful they keep the products in line with the organizations vision.
Identify the three models or theories of change that CrysTel might apply as it implements its change initiative

CrysTel is a telecommunication company operating in Illinois with employee strength of 2500 with an annual revenue of $200 million. The product profile is data cables, wireless solutions and network development. Because of the nature of business CrysTel is likely to make technology and administrative changes on a regular basis.
Three modules of change that CrysTel might apply as it implements it change initiative are input, target element of change and output.
Input changes imply that this change should be consistent with the organization vision and mission and strategic plan which will ultimately direct the organization in the right direction. For example the vision basically states what the company wants to become but the strategic plan is what ultimately lead the organization to its goal. It contains the detail necessary to lead the organization to that change. This plan will be based on CrysTel's strength and weaknesses that is relative to its environmental threat and opportunities. When organizational changes are not consistent with strategic planning of the company it tends to be counterproductive. These factors include organizing arrangements, goals, people, social factors and methods. For CrysTel the changes would to add new product line would greatly affect the goals, methods and organizing arrangements.
Outputs represent what is expected of the end result. It should be consistent with the organization's strategic plan. CrysTel Organizational goal is to increase its product line by introducing new technology with the intention to increase the product offerings of the market. CrysTel would like to offer new products on a regular basis and this may impact the organization on a whole. CrysTel's intention is to conduct survey from the different departments. Changes are usually much complicated and harder to manage when they are targeted at the organizational level.
Identified leadership and organizational change challenges that may arise during the implementation phase of the change initiative at CrysTel

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Organizations are constantly changing in order to stay within the competition. Leaders and mangers make the continued effort to accomplish successful and significant changes but as always there are always different challenges that face the change. Some leaders face the task of managing the change. He is responsible for making sure that everything is in order to complete the change. CrysTel wanted to make sure that the new products that they were considering adding to there product line will be an effective end result. Leaders also have to identify critical important priorities, making sure that the new changes are in compliance with the company's vision. Fear of failure is also another challenge. The new products that CrysTel is thinking about adding could pose a problem if the customers are not willing to buy. This is one reason why CrysTel is conducting marketing research in order for the products to be a success.
Addressed the skills and competencies that a leader would need in order to effectively implement the three leadership theories identified
Two Functions of Feedback
Feedback provides the leaders of the company with vital information that necessary to perform personnel evaluations, make business critical decisions, get a good idea of the work environment, solve potential problems before they arise and a host of other uses. Settling of just two is not so simple, but two good functions of feedback are: to make business critical decisions, and solve potential problems before they arise. As much as managers know, and the extensive training received, the employees always know more about the company from another perspective. Soliciting their input is always a wise course of action. However, in order to receive good feedback, a manager and/or company leader must first attain communications skills, and good interpersonal skills that will be needed to initiate communications with the workers that will generate the necessary feedback information.
A Cognitive-Processing Model of Performance Feedback
Communication skills and interpersonal knowledge of each worker is needed to generate a performance report. To get a good performance feedback on the company's progress on project or as whole is easier to do than to get performance feedback on employees. This why there are supervisor who directly work with the workers and can give a more accurate performance evaluation report. However, having the worker fill out a self performance evaluation for the same time period gives the manager and company leaders a better model of performance when there is comparative data.
Sources of Feedback
In any office/business environment there are several means to get quality feedback from the workers and employees in general. There are surveys, questionnaires, memos, emails and if equipped in the office network, interoffice instant messaging and interoffice blogs. The last two are unsecured methods of getting data, but the others are tried and proven methods to get feedback from the employees. Survey and questionnaires are the most commonly used because questions can be structured to get specific responses to any situation or need the company have at the time. Surveys and questionnaires are also more versatile because they can be sent out on regular paper through interoffice mail, sent home, or posted on the businesses Intranet for more immediate response. Memos and email are also good sources to get feedback. These are for more personal deliveries. These methods are used only when a specific group of people i.e. Department heads or the graphics department feedback is needed. As mentioned before, instant messengers and blogs are unsecured, but if preferred by the employees, then it may be the way to go in your office.
Discussed the three critical success factors for the change initiative at CrysTel.
CrysTel is introducing several technological advancements within the company. They are thinking of implementing a range of telecommunications technologies in a bit to increase the product offerings in the market. This change may impact the entire organization that keeps up with the volatile demands of the market. The company is said to keep up with the demand of the market but with this new prospective market change CrysTel would like to continue this trend on the market. A survey will be conducted of all the different departments to evaluate whether or not the company is ready to cope with such constant change relating to the internal forces.
In conclusion the introduction of the new products will definitely be an advantage to CrysTel. With these new technological advancements they will be able to keep up with the competitive market. The organization is taking the necessary steps to make sure that the company and its employees are ready for the upcoming projected changes. There are surveys, questionnaires, memos, emails and if equipped in the office network, interoffice instant messaging and interoffice blogs to assist with the changes.
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