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Leadership And Motivation By John Adair Essay

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The book I selected to review is entitled Leadership and Motivation: The fifty-fifty rule and the eight key principles of motivating others by author John Adair (2006). This book was first published in 1990 under titled “Understanding Motivation”. In this book, Adair explores in depth the subject of leadership and motivation. He concluded that leaders and managers must developed motivation skills and know how to motivate others to be successful. Knowing and understanding the theories of motivation is important, but the most important is how to apply them practically in their organization to become effective leaders. Adair divided his book into three parts, and these parts are: motivation and leadership, Maslow and Herzberg, and how to motivate others: the eight principles of motivation.
The book’s main points summary
The author said “This book goes beyond Maslow and Herzberg, however, and it offers a new general theory of motivation. My reflections on Maslow and Herzberg over the years, in the context of developing the Action-Centred Leadership (ACL) model, have led me to formulate the Fifty-Fifty Rule” (Adair, 2006, p. 2). The author in his introduction points out that there are some deficiencies in Maslow and Herzberg theories in motivation.
The book starts out by proving that leaders can motivate their followers by understanding the needs that drive motivation. Adair describes the background of his own model of Action-Centred Leadership (ACL) and how it started. Adair states “I have developed the idea that working groups resemble individuals in that although they are always unique (each develops its own ‘group personality’) yet they share, as do individuals, certain common ‘needs’. There are three areas of need present in suc...

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...tivation and their history. In addition, Adair refers to the application of Maslow’s ideas in industry. Adair states “Maslow’s most influential disciple in the field of management thought was Douglas McGregor. He showed that the assumptions, often unconscious, which managers make about human nature have a deep influence on how they actually treat people. He polarized these assumptions into Theory X and Theory Y” (Adair, 2006, p. 66).
In the last part of Adair’s book, he describes how to motivate people, and he listed eight principles to motivate others. These eight principles are: “1. Be motivated yourself. 2. Select people who are highly motivated. 3. Treat each person as an individual. 4. Set realistic and challenging targets. 5. Remember that progress motivates. 6. Create a motivating environment. 7. Provide fair rewards. 8. Give recognition” (Adair, 2006, p. 109).

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