Essay on Leadership And Management Of A Nurse Manager

Essay on Leadership And Management Of A Nurse Manager

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Leadership and Management in Nursing
Leadership is based on one’s ability to create a vision and inspire others and many times it is based on one’s personality and life experience. Management can be a leadership position in the workplace that focuses on setting target goals, organizing, budgeting, planning and coming up with solutions for specific problems (Yoder- Wise, 2011). The purpose of the paper is to discuss the leadership and management qualities that the nurse manager needs in order to overcome a task of reducing incremental overtime on the cardiac unit at North Austin Hospital. The manager must use her leadership and management competencies in order to come up with attainable goals and overcome the issue.
Leadership Functions
Some of the leadership functions that are necessary to accomplish the task include making goals, setting up a structure, decision making, coaching, collaborating, advocating, and negotiating support (Willcocks, 2011).
As a leader the nurse manager of the cardiac unit must come up with a realistic goal to decrease the incremental overtime on the cardiac unit before coming up with a plan on how to achieve that goal. She can set up a structure by involving the charge nurses in the detailed plan and making sure that all the nurses on the unit are on board with the plan and want to follow the lead. The nurse manager will also have the task of deciding what the best approach is when it comes to getting everyone involved and understanding why the goal is important for the unit, especially for those who are resistant to change. The nurse manager will have to collaborate with the charge nurses to makes sure the message is passed on and repeated to all the nurses during each shift. The most important aspec...

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... must fulfill her leadership function by using her competencies of positive attitude and working towards a common good to create a vision and inspire others. The nurse manager must also use her management skills to fulfill her functions such as being able to create an attainable goal, motivating and analyzing performance while using her competencies of organization, mentoring and professionalism to set an example and create leaders within the team. A manager and a leader cannot be successful without the support of followers who are able to give input and be recognized for their effort, which creates workplace satisfaction. It is essential for the nurse manager to create a united vision for the unit that is appealing to her employees and to persuade those who are resistant to change in order to attain the goal and resolve the issue of incremental overtime on the unit.

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