Essay about Leadership And Management Functions And Competencies

Essay about Leadership And Management Functions And Competencies

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Leadership and Management Functions and Competencies
Nursing programs throughout the country provide nursing students with rigorous objectives which leave little time for focus on anything outside of the provided syllabus (Thaman, Dhillon, & Sagar, 2013). In the early 2000s, most nursing programs did not include NCLEX preparation within their curriculum (Carr, 2011). It was not until 2007 that nursing professors began to incorporate proctored exams into a student’s grade (Carr, 2011). These exams predict the success rate of passing the NCLEX (Carr, 2011). Thaman et al. (2013) conducted a study that determined the key component utilized by nursing students who passed the NCLEX was active learning in the form of study groups. If a senior nursing student wanted to organize an NCLEX focused study group, he or she would need to use leadership and management functions and competencies. The purpose of this paper is to differentiate specific functions and competencies, also known as tasks and skills respectively, a student would exhibit in forming a study group both as a leader and as a manager.
Leadership Functions
Leadership functions that are specific to a senior nursing student organizing an NXCLEX focused study group include; goal attainment, adaptation, integration, and maintenance (Scholl, 2003). The function of goal attainment would include recognizing the common goal of passing the NCLEX shared between each member of the nursing student body (Yoder-Wise, 2011). The nursing student utilizing this leadership function would create a plan that gives a study group direction in how to operate and achieve each goal. Following the creation of goals, the leader would then utilize the function of adaptation which would define each goal ...

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... the purpose of the study group. The senior student could ask a faculty member to attend so the students could focus on a topic the faculty member might help them better understand.
In summary, management and leadership skills are not only important or evident once a nurse obtains a passing NCLEX score or receives a job as a staff nurse. These skills can be enhanced and utilized as a nursing student. A nursing student that wishes to organize a NCLEX study group can use leadership functions and competencies to recognize a goal and create a path to obtaining that goal while at the same time use management functions and competencies to enhance the purpose of the study group. Functions, or tasks, cannot simply be implemented by a manager or a leader. Competencies, or skills, are what a manager or leader utilize to make their unit, group, or team successful.

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