Leadership And Leadership Development : What Makes A Good Leader? Essay

Leadership And Leadership Development : What Makes A Good Leader? Essay

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Leadership matters because it plays a critical role in many situations. But what is leadership? How can one be an effective leader? Although there can be discrepancies on what leadership is or what makes a good leader, one thing is for sure, leadership and leadership development has changed during the last few decades and it will likely change again in the future.
Through this venture we will analyze the past, present, and future of leadership development as well as how the view of what it takes to be a good leader has changed and is changing. What in one point in time was considered to be a crucial skill for leadership, is now seen obsolete and new skills and competences have taken place to define success now and in the future.
Some concepts, though, will not only remain constantly important but will gain significant vitality as we advance in time. These are motivation and empowerment, two aspects that shape and differentiate the great versus the mediocre leader. To create the environment necessary for organization success, a leader must know how to empower and motivate its followers. These competences are some of the most important in leadership development because being able to unlock the human asset potential is the ultimate goal.

Leadership Development: The Past
Identifying when leadership study began is not easy. Plato once said “never discourage anyone… who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” This is an example of how one can find leadership through history. However, leadership did not win interest until fairly recent.
Over the past twenty years, leadership has been centered in leadership development methods and the importance of a leader’s character and impact on others (Hernez-Broome & Hugh...

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...as to move back to Spain after the year in Florida was over but several circumstances altered her decision. Because her studies did not transfer to the United States, she went to Palm Beach Community College and obtained the A.A. title. After taking a long break she decided to continue pursuing her education and joined Palm Beach State College to seek a Bachelor’s degree in Management.
She currently works as an accountant assistant of a community management office. Prior to joining the community management atmosphere, she was the office manager of a plumbing company called Mickey’s Plumbing.
Nuria speaks three different languages and has played flute since the age of seven. She enjoys crafting, computers, as well as traveling and spending time with family and friends. Nuria is about to become a mother and is looking forward to explore that new facet of her life.

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