Essay about Leadership And Leadership Development Of Organization

Essay about Leadership And Leadership Development Of Organization

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An organisation’s culture predominantly develops from its leadership and similarly the culture of that organisation can affect the development of leadership in that organisation. For instance, some leaders work within their organisational culture, rules and existing norms whereas others first understand it and realig the culture with brand-new vision and revision of its earlier assumptions, rules and norms (Bass & Avolio, 1993:112). The essay opens up with brief introduction to leader and leadership development (LD) and the various theoretical approaches to leadership with in-depth discussion of transformational leadership theory and it’s implication in providing LD opportunities to all. It concludes with critical claim of the entire discussion in brief.
Peter Northouse (2010) defines leadership as, “a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal” (Yukl, 2012) and a famous leader: COO and co-founder, defines leadership as “not just about finding ways to lead better or motivating your team but about being there from the beginning as equals and becoming a mentor when need be” (Helmrich, 2015). Citing a strong example of Jim Sinegal, CEO of Costco who is famously known as ‘the man’ of people at Costco brought major profits to the organisation with lowest employee turnover in the retail industry and being highly appreciated by his employees for his anomaly and people friendly behaviour at the workplace showcases a unique way of leading (Stansberry, 2010).
Moving further on, the distinction between leader and LD is imperative in understanding a leader’s role and benefiting the organisation as a whole. In leader development emphasis is on individual-based skills, knowledge an...

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...l LD programmes, it is essential to have proper evaluation to monitor growth process, it is essential to give potential young leaders opportunity and time to make an impact and significant mistakes and broadening experiences and educational opportunities to the older leaders (Pernick, 2001:431).
It is duly noted that the firm’s unique competence is its employees and leadership is a necessary catalyst to convert this competence to positive outcome. High performing firms believe systematic leadership development is a strategic choice in long-term investment in the organisation as well as its employees for better future (Pernick, 2001: 442). Focusing on the transformational leadership, transforming LD practises should be adapted from recruitment, selection, training and development and promotional levels so that every employee gets a fair share to outshine.

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