Leadership And Emotional Intelligence : Daniel Goleman 's Five Competency

Leadership And Emotional Intelligence : Daniel Goleman 's Five Competency

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Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
What sets a leader apart, those who are more than qualified or a leader who understands the importance of emotional intelligence? Leaders who are qualified to do the job and fail are lacking emotional intelligence and those leaders who are less qualified but, have a high emotional intelligence are being successful. Examining this issue will be discussed in this paper and why it is important in leaders today. This paper will explain Daniel Goleman’s five competence of emotional intelligence and why they are important to leaders.
Why Leaders Need Emotional Intelligence
Today business and globalization have made emotional intelligence important. Daniel Coleman has done research on the importance of leaders with emotional intelligence. In his research he has found that employee’s are looking for people who not only excel with intelligence or have the highest grade point average but who also excel in emotional intelligence. Someone who excels in emotional intelligence but has an average or low grade point average may be the best fit. Why leaders are not being successful that have a high IQ is because they do not excel in emotional intelligence. To be able to be successful in today’s business world you have to have emotional intelligence.
Competences and Leadership
Emotional intelligence competences are: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill. Each of these competences is important in leadership.
A leader who can think about emotions accurately may be better able to anticipate and cope effectively (effective leader). This is important especially in teamwork. A leader or manager needs to be able to use emotional intelligence within the team to deal wi...

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... Intelligence is written by other people they all agree that it is important for leaders that the old way of thinking of leadership has change and a new one emphasizing emotional intelligence. An article from the Huffingtonpost said, “Great leaders are aware of their own leadership style. For them, having awareness of how their style influences their team, makes these already great leaders, exceptional. Truly great leaders identify, understand and not only manage their own emotions, But are able to do that with others in a very empowering way ( huff).” On the Forbes website an article written by a former Navy Seal talks about the importance of emotional intelligence, “My past experience in combat required me to develop emotional intelligence quickly. A skill that takes constant improvement but that has been beneficial in current leadership roles (Use of ei)”.

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