Leadership : A Leadership Assessment Quiz Essay

Leadership : A Leadership Assessment Quiz Essay

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Have you ever taken the time to determine if you have the “juice”? According to the Urban Dictionary’s webpage, the term juice refers to having respect and credibility on the street. However, as a leader, we are always hoping that we have this same respect and credibility in the work environment. A good way to determine whether or not you are, or will be, a good leader is to take a leadership assessment quiz. A leadership assessment quiz is an excellent tool to aid in determining one’s possible effectiveness as a leader. I have taken three different assessment quizzes to see where I am when it comes to being an effective leader. These quizzes outlined many of my strengths and weaknesses, but this paper will only detail two of those strengths and one weakness. According to the assessments, I am strong in transformational leadership and motivating people to deliver the vision. On the other hand, my weakness is providing support and stimulation. These are the leadership attributes that I will be focusing on, as they will definitely aid me in my future plans as a successful leader at home and at work.
I did not really like the textbook assessments, as they did not give an in depth breakdown of my results, so I went online and found three that I was able to use for this assignment. I found two leadership assessments and a DISC personality/behavioral assessment. DISC stands for Dominant (D), Inspiring (I), Cautious (C) and Supportive (S). Each assessment quiz asked several questions, with responses of agree, mostly agree, neither agree or disagree, mostly disagree, and disagree. After completing the questions, I was given a score with an analysis of each attribute’s meaning as it refers to leadership. The questions on the DISC assess...

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... show them that I support them and that I appreciate their efforts.
This assignment helped me to see that assessment quizzes are very good at helping one determine their effectiveness as a leader. The quizzes allowed me to see what good and bad personality traits I have, and what areas of leadership I am excelling in and the areas that I need to work harder at. These three assessments determined that I am a good motivator and a transitional leader; however I have problems with being supportive of others. After reviewing my strengths and weaknesses, I am very confident that I can now manage my leadership abilities much better and be more effective at home, and at work. I challenge others to take several assessment quizzes to see where it leads them. The truth may be ugly, but if you accept it, you too can be on the road to being a better and more effective leader.

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